• What are the accepted methods of payments in office for Farmers and Metropolitan customers?

    For your convenience, we have implemented a new direct interface system with each Company that will allow us to access the Company’s mainframe computer and apply the payment directly from our office, which credits your account much more rapidly.

  • What can I expect to be asked in order to get a quote or a policy issued for a Personal Auto policy?

    In order to get a quote you will be asked for the following information:

    Full name of insured (and spouse), Date of Birth for all drivers, Year, Make, Model, and Body Style of the vehicle, deductible. In order to get the policy issued we will as need to know this information: Vin number of vehicle, use of vehicle, how each vehicle is titled, mailing address phone number, fax number, email address, Social Security Number, Previous carrier, Occupation and number of years worked there, any losses or accidents in the last 5 years, limits desired for liabilty, Med-Pay limits, Un/underinsured motorist coverage, towing and labor, extended transportation expense.

  • What can I expect to be asked in order to get a quote or a policy issued for a Homeowners or Dwelling Fire policy?

    In order to get a quote or issue a policy you will be asked for the following information:

    Full name of insured, mailing address, phone number, fax number, email address, Social Security number, billing option, Date of birth of oldest insured, 911 address for property, frame or log, year built, deductible option desired, number of woodstoves, seasonal use, miles to the fire department, central station fire and burglar alarm, mortgage information, previous carrier, occupation and years worked there, any losses in the last 3 years, will the property be rented, square footage.

  • Why was there an increase in my homeowners insurance?

    This year, as in the previous years, your insurance coverage has been automatically increased for your protection to keep pace with inflation, and the rising cost of new home construction; therefore, your premium has been slightly higher.

    In addition, North Carolina Department of Insurance and the North Carolina Rate Bureau have implemented an overall statewide rate increase. All requests are approved by the North Carolina Department of Insurance before any changes can be granted to the insurance industry/companies. Initially, the North Carolina Rate Bureau (NCRB), on behalf of the insurance industry, proposed a statewide average increase of 21.8 percent to homeowners’ rates, with coastal areas up to 50 percent.

    Premium rates for the last 8 to 10 years have been extremely low, as the insurance industry profited, especially in Western North Carolina; however, underwriting losses have increased, while rates have not; therefore, profit margins are lower.

    The stock market began deteriorating in the year 2000, and investment income declined to a much larger extent after the September 11 terrorist attacks. With losses mounting and investment income diminishing, the insurance companies must stay profitable, and therefore, it was necessary to request an increase to the rates. Increased rates are not just affecting residents of North Carolina it is countrywide.

    Enclosed is information that may help offer you some insight as to why your rates suddenly escalated, after many years of low rates and lower premiums.

    As your home ages you lose a percentage of your “New Home Discount” because the newer the home, the larger the discount. Also, your age is a factor in determining your annual premium. If you are age 50 or older, depending upon the company providing your coverage, you may be entitled to a “Mature Discount”. Please contact us if you are not receiving your discount.

  • Is flood covered on my Homeowners policy?

    Did you think that the mountains were exempt for flooding? If so, hurricane Frances proved us wrong. Flooding can be caused by heavy rain, melting snow, inadequate drainage devices, tropical storms, etc; no one is exempt from flooding. The major flooding in the area has reminded us that not only that we are not exempt from flooding but also we may not have appropriate insurance coverage to cover this kind of loss.

    North Carolina Homeowners policies do not cover flood. You will not have coverage for property damage from floods unless us take steps to purchase a separate policy of flood insurance. This coverage must be purchased separately with an additional premium and can be costly.

    When a storm comes it can bring large amounts of surface water and the ground then becomes too saturated to hold any further water, therefore the water then seeps into basements and homes. The water can damage and destroy property, driveways, and retaining walls, etc. There is no coverage for this sort of water damage. When a retaining wall has hydrahlic pressure behind it from heavy rain it can fall or move this could be considered as a flood loss, which may not be covered.

    If you have sustained damage from the tropical storm please contact your insurance agent but be aware many losses caused by this large amount of water may not be covered. Under the North Carolina Homeowners policy water damage is LIMITED to a covered peril. Backup of water and sewer is not covered under the Homeowners policy but it can be added on for a small premium.

    If you have any questions or are interested in looking into “special coverages” like flood and earthquake please do not hesitate to call us at 828-743-2209 or come by the office.

  • What do I have to have if I am an international driver?

    What we will need for Proof of Residency.

    1. A utility bill
    2. A Vehicle Registration
    3. Real Estate Property Tax
    4. Pay Stub
    5. A signed lease, if renting

    Effective July 1,2004 North Carolina will no longer accept foreign drivers license as proof of prior driving experience. License alone are not sufficient to determine the number of years of driving experience. Therefore, drivers seeking automobile insurance will be rated as “inexperienced” if they are unable to provide verifiable driving experience. This also goes in effect for renewals. If a renewal comes up and the company sees that the proof of experience given to obtain insurance is a foreign drivers license they will charge inexperience rates as well.
    Prior driving experience can be determined and verified by the following methods:

      • An MVR obtained by the company or agency
      • Verifiable documentation from a governmental agency responsible for maintaining driver’s license records
      • Records from a previous automobile insurance company
      • The reason for this change is that there have been widespread examples of fraud that result in these North Carolina policyholders paying significantly less for auto insurance premiums by using unverifiable altered documents, which are particularly from foreign countries.

    Please keep in mind, if you have a foreign driver’s license (anywhere other than a US) and you need automobile insurance you must provide verifiable proof of your past driving experience in order to get experience rates. Once you have this proof of experience feel free to come by our office to get a quote. If you have any questions please call us.


  • Do you accept Integon/GMAC payments at the office?

    Yes we can accept Integon/GMAC premium payments in the office. We are able to post money to your GMAC account by either check, cash, money order or credit card.